Welcome to Brightlingsea Infant School

We are very pleased to welcome you and your child to our school community. We have a strong emphasis on developing positive partnerships with parents/carers and their children, in order to extend children’s learning and experiences in school.

Our school welcomes all children and places high priority on teaching the whole child within a socially inclusive environment. We know that children learn best if they are part of a stimulating and happy environment where academic skills are developed alongside social, physical and emotional skills. Play forms an important part of children’s early learning and we structure their play to help them develop their language, social skills and understanding of the world.

The external space around the school allows us to be creative in developing a child friendly play space. Quiet, ball game, and landscaped play areas allow children to find a suitable area to enhance their activity and imagination. Covered areas throughout the school enable children to enjoy a continuous learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.



Statement of Intent


  • We believe that every member of our community has a vital part to play in our children’s educational future.
  • We will nurture a child’s desire for learning through a child-centred approach within a broad and creative curriculum.
  • We will encourage the development of the whole child to prepare them for their role as citizens of the future.




At Brightlingsea Infant School, we aim to provide a fully inclusive, broad balanced and creative curriculum which challenges children’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding within a positive, secure and healthy environment.


We will:


  • Nurture a desire for learning;
  • Ensure that children achieve their full potential
  • Develop children’s awareness of the value of themselves and others;
  • Foster creative, imaginative and enquiring minds;
  • Take a child-centred approach to all our work;
  • Celebrate similarities and differences in and beyond our community;
  • Develop effective and confident communicators;
  • Be inclusive in our approach, seeking to meet the needs of all children;
  • Work with all partners within our community;
  • Involve children in the planning and evaluation of their own learning.